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About Us

At TRIOS, we’re not just a coworking company – we’re a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinkers who are redefining the way people work. Our journey began with a vision to create dynamic spaces that foster collaboration, creativity, and growth. Since our inception, we’ve achieved significant milestones that reflect our commitment to shaping the future of work.

Join our team of TRIOS

Our core values

With TRIOS experts, clients can bring operational savings as well as upfront furniture fitouts investments savings. Plus companies can become operational with TRIOS ready setup on day 0 

25% Saving on OPEX Cost

100% saving on fit-outs CAPEX investment


Meet The Founders

Pratik Potnis


A visionary leader with a keen eye for design and a heart for fostering collaboration, Pratik brings a wealth of experience with a strong belief that the workspace plays a pivotal role in shaping productivity and creativity. Pratik has guided TRIOS towards becoming more than just a coworking space – it’s an ecosystem of growth and inspiration.

Tejasa Potnis


An entrepreneur with a flair for business strategy and a passion for community building, Tejasa has been the driving force behind TRIOS’s expansion and impact. She’s infused TRIOS with a spirit of entrepreneurship and a commitment to member success. Her vision of TRIOS as a place where individuals and businesses can elevate each other has shaped the core values of our coworking community.

Our Team

We’re a vibrant community of creative minds, always in the zone. If you spot someone deep in thought, notebook and smartphone in hand,
lost in contemplation, don’t hesitate to join the conversation. You’ve just glimpsed our coworking spirit in action.

Charuta Vaidya

Head Accounts & Finance, Procurement , HR

Ninad Selmokar

City Head - Sales and Marketing

Ravina Malviya

Operation Head & Event Manager

Vishwa Shah

Social Media Executive

Shreyash Panghvane

Assistant Sales Manager

Sakshi Dalvi

Center Manager

Balaji Saware

Jr. Accounts & Admin

Nimisha Mohan

Sales & Marketing Executive

Sunny Nikalje

Center Manager

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